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Help Us Assist Youth In Need

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How We Can Help

Ideal Candidate

Trailhead partners with youth organizations that share our same principles and values.  Organizations that focus on developing young leaders to be mindful of their impact on the community and the environment around them are of particular interest.

Support Offered to Our Organizations


Trailhead reviews the needs of organizations we support and looks for ways to directly fund financial needs or provide guidance in organizing a fundraiser program to meet that need.


Trailhead supports our organizations by sourcing and providing necessary educational materials and resources to help our organizations effectively educate their members on matters necessary to carry out the organization’s purpose.


Trailhead encourages our organizations to interact with each other and share ideas and best practices.

Community Leaders

Trailhead’s expanding network of civic and business professionals provides our organizations with ground floor access to those shaping our communities every day.


Trailhead assists in board or committee governance of all our organizations to ensure effective operations and streamlined execution of policies and procedures.

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Strength In Numbers

Our success comes from like-minded organizations such as yours, working together as we impact the youth of our communities. Each additional organization under Trailhead multiplies our ability to make a positive and long-lasting impact that we believe will have a generational impact.

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